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Saving Dad is the remarkable true story of a son’s battle to save his father from a lifetime of mental illness.

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Saving Dad by Matt Janes

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Saving You

Learn exactly how Matt saved his dad from mental illness in his online nutrition program, One Answer to Mental Illness. Say goodbye to depression, bipolar and schizophrenia with his proven alternative to medication.

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Matt Janes was just three when he first witnessed the devastating effects of his dad’s depression. Saving Dad is the story of a lifetime lived alongside his dad’s bipolar disorder. It’s about its mental and physical impact not just on his dad, but his wider family. And it’s about the questions it prompts about his own mental health and wellbeing, and his search for purpose.
We see the complexity and close bond of the father-son relationship, as Matt and his family negotiate the highs and lows and look for ways to support his dad’s wellbeing. Moving, inspiring and warm, Saving Dad is a story about mental health, told from a new perspective. His approach is personal, optimistic and poignant, as he pursues the ideas and answers that will help him save his dad.

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“If we continue to see mental illness as a state of being rather than a journey of self-discovery, we will miss out on the gift hidden behind the dragon. Saving Dad is a portrait of the intuitive search for that gift and the transformation of seeing mental disease through love and the wisdom of natural medicine.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Evocative, emotive and told with a sense of humour, Saving Dad is a moving reminder of the perspective-changing power of using personal stories to show the complex reality of mental health challenges. As if hearing from a familiar friend, Matt tells his story honestly, with humanity, and at times brutally, in a way that portrays the tragic unpredictability of bi-polar disorder both simply and smartly. His own self-awareness and understanding of body and mind is an example to us all.”

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER magazine

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